E2 and UDR Consulting, Inc. Awarded Two Department of Energy Contracts

E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. and our Small Business Administration (SBA) Protégé, UDR Consulting, Inc. are off to a busy 2018. Our SBA Joint Venture, U&E Professional Services LLC, was awarded a five year, $6.4 million dollar contract by Savannah River Remediation (SRR) and another for Washington River Protection Solutions, both prime contractors to the United States Department of Energy. 


For SRR, U&E Professional Services LLC will provide facility management and operations services for the Warehouse functions of three Material Access Centers (MACs) for SRR. Our personnel will manage/operate 15 warehouses and 10 material laydown yards with 24/7 operations located at the Savannah River Site. The SRR MACs contain approximately 23,500 items of inventory worth an estimated $70 million dollars. Our team successfully demonstrated our experience and in-depth understanding of Material Access Center Warehousing Support Services for a seamless transition. Our combined abilities and firsthand knowledge of Material Access Center Warehousing Support Services and DOE programs provided the high-confidence, high-impact approach to promote efficient and safe contract execution.


Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS), awarded our team a Blanket Ordering Agreement for Staff  Augmentation Support to provide technically qualified personnel in support of various project and functional activities for WRPS at the Hanford Site. The period of performance is February 27, 2018 through September 30, 2018 plus a four year option to renew. 


Congratulations to our SBA protégé, UDR Consulting Inc., and E2's team of professionals for securing these two contracts!